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Saturday June 30th, 2007

Although I have not spoken out against the planned destruction of a large part of the University of New Brunswick woodlot, as I am not a particularly militant person, now I must express my outrage.

There is no reason why UNB should have fallen upon such desperate times that an important part of the heritage of the people of Fredericton has to be destroyed. 

This decision reflects badly upon the financial management abilities of the present UNB administration.

During the first phase of land clearance on Regent Street, small animals were displaced from their homes. To make matters worse, this was thoughtlessly done just before winter. 

There are already some sad stories of wildlife deaths relating to the clear cutting for the building of Home Depot, a store that will never see any business from me.

It is particularly distressing to see a beautiful nature preserve, learning environment and recreational area devastated, only to be replaced by ugly box stores. 

At this point, I am ashamed to be an alumnus of UNB and don’t wish to have any further association with this institution.

Elaine Patton, Fredericton

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From one participant: It was great fun and they gave us 5 seedlings. We were like the 500-pound gorilla in the living room that no one wanted to notice. There was a sea of city employees and a large number of police. But no one approached us. We had the following 2X2 signs: SMART GROWTH NOT SPRAWL + PLANT TREES ….DON’T DESTROY THE WOODLOT. FIRST TO KYOTO ? * Kingston * Calgary * Ottawa * Richmond * Sannich * Vancouver. ALL ADOPTED LEED GREEN BUILDING and my personal favourite….CITY COUNCIL NEEDS A CLIMATE CHANGE. About 200 people saw the signs and several people asked polite questions. We certainly did not feel awkward so I am glad we showed up.

City Council needs a climate change

City Green Matters

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Replanting Trees

Woodlot Watchers planted trees Saturday, June 23, where clear-cutting has begun for road construction at Kimble Drive and Alison Boulevard.

Weekend construction on the road did not stop for the action.

Replanting danger

replanting danger 1

replanting danger 2

This action was taken since UNB has failed to respond to the group. UNB President John McLaughlin said on Earth Day in April that there would be no more development without more consultation. But road construction is moving ahead despite an inadequate public consultation process and the lack of a public plan by the university.

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Where are the beavers?


A beaver in the UNB Woodlot during happier times in 1992. Photo: Earle Arnold.

Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2007

From: “Libby, Cade (DNR/MRN)” <Cade.Libby@gnb.ca>

Subject: RE: Beaver Culling/Trapping in the UNB Woodlot


Under the authority of Subsection 45(2) of the New Brunswick Fish and Wildlife Act, the Department of Natural Resources issued a permit in 2006 to remove nuisance beaver that were causing damage to infrastructure (roads, culverts, bridges) and creating safety hazards within those lands listed in Schedule A & B of Regulation 94-43, under the Fish and Wildlife Act, known as the University of New Brunswick Wildlife Refuge and Burpee Wildlife Management Area.

Given that the University of New Brunswick requested this permit, the permit was specific to those lands owned by the University of New Brunswick within the described areas.

According to Subsection 34(4) of the Fish and Wildlife Act, private property owners may remove nuisance wildlife as listed in subsection 34(5), to prevent damage to private property or to prevent injury to the owners or occupants of private land.

The University of New Brunswick Woodlot and Burpee Wildlife Management Area known as the Noonan Woodlot have maintained prohibitions on general hunting and trapping not for wildlife management purposes, but for public safety as there are staff and students from the university in those areas on a regular basis. However, nuisance wildlife control may be required occasionally in the woodlots.

Given the abundance of beaver throughout New Brunswick, the department has no population concerns at this time.

I hope this information is useful.

Cade Libby

Wildlife Biologist/Biologiste de la faune

Fish & Wildlife Branch/Pêche sportive et chasse

Department of Natural Resources

PO Box 6000

Fredericton, NB

E3B 5H1

Tel: (506) 453-2440 Fax:(506) 453-6699


—–Original Message—–

From: Tracy Glynn [mailto:forest@conservationcouncil.ca]

Sent: Wednesday, June 20, 2007 10:40 PM

To: Terres de la Couronne Information/Crown Land Information (DNR/MRN); woodlotwatch@lists.riseup.net

Subject: Beaver Culling/Trapping in the UNB Woodlot

June 20, 2007

To: N.B. Department of Natural Resources

The disappearance of beavers from wetlands in the UNB Woodlot without explanation is troubling many people.

The UNB Woodlot is designated a wildlife refuge under Schedule A of the Wildlife Refuges and Wildlife Management Areas Regulation – Fish and Wildlife Act, N.B. Reg. 94-43. No person, except a conservation officer (or assistant conservation officer) shall have in his possession any device for the purpose of trapping or snaring any wildlife within the boundaries of a wildlife refuge. Note that Ducks Unlimited Canada do not remove beavers from their marshes since dam-proof water outflows can be installed when necessary.

Can the Department of Natural Resources please explain the disappearance of beavers from the UNB Woodlot? Have the beavers been trapped and/or culled? If so, how was this allowed to happen?

I look forward to your reply.


Tracy Glynn

Conservation Council of New Brunswick

180 St. John Street

Fredericton, NB E3B 4A9


Tel: (506) 458-8747

Fax: (506) 458-1047

Email: forest@conservationcouncil.ca



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