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UNB won’t get support

This letter was published in The Daily Gleaner on January 26th, 2008 and was also sent to the UNB President and UNB Alumni News.

I am a graduate student in forestry at the University of New Brunswick, and I haveĀ  recently become aware of two actions taken by UNB wich which I wholeheartedly disagree.

The first is the unauthorized sale and development of parts of the UNB woodlot. That woodlot was originally entrusted to UNB by the government of Great Britain for the enjoyment and use of local citizens.

Nowhere in that original land grant does it make mention of the UNB trustees having the authority to sell any part.

It disappoints me that the administration of UNB paid so little attention to the people of Fredericton who use and enjoy that green space.

The second is the extensive censoring of a letter about the matter that was published in the winter issue of the UNB Alumni News. In its uncensored state, the letter described
this violation of the original land grant and lack of public consultation and called for a moratorium on further sale and development.

Shame on officials for censoring this letter — every alumnus should know what their money is supporting.

I will graduate from UNB this year, and it is my intention to give no funds to this university as an alumnus, so long as there is a chance I could be indirectly supporting these activities.

Megan de Graaf
MScF candidate,
UNB Fredericton

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Winter in the Woodlot 2008

Winter in the Woodlot 2008

Photo by Earle Arnold. Taken January 2008 in the UNB Woodlot.

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