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Why do cities across North America spend tens of millions of dollars on preserving their wetlands? Because the costs of replacing the function of wetlands with stormwater and water treatment infrastructure are on the order of 10 times more. Read more…

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Fredericton, N.B., Canada October 31, 2008
In the aftermath of the so-called “froggy carnage”, The Friends of the UNB Woodlot will put several hundred popsicle-stick white crosses along a section of Knowledge Park Drive near the Corbett Centre retail complex.  Each cross will remember the needless death of these small wetland frogs on the night of October 26th. This will take place next Monday (Nov. 3, 2008) at 1:00 PM.
Frogs are key indicator species of the health of our wetlands, and biodiversity in general.  With our changing climate, these creatures truly serve as our “canary in the coalmine”.  Also, their body contains anti-cancer chemicals which are attracting great excitement in the field of cancer research.
The Friends of the UNB Woodlot is sending letters to the University of New Brunswick, City of Fredericton, and the major retail stores at, or coming to, the Corbett Centre.  The retail stores include Winners, Home Depot, and Costco.  These letters request their immediate attention to the construction of an amphibian culvert that will allow these animals to pass underneath Knowledge Park Drive as they migrate between wetlands.
Dr. Caroline Lubbe-D’Arcy of the The Friends of the UNB Woodlot, points out that,  “This highlights the need for COMPLETE surveys of animal and plant species in the UNB Woodlot as well as a comprehensive environmental impact assessment (EIA) for the ENTIRE  3800 acres of this urban forested wetland. The fact that UNB has taken a piecemeal approach to EIAs to date, and that roads are studied separate from development on that road, must stop.  The entire development strategy for the Woodlot must be assessed under a comprehensive EIA.  As demonstrated by the recent “froggy carnage”, the Woodlot’s animals and plants are paying the price for this archaic, non-sustainable approach to land use planning.”
An amphibian underpass is required before the spring season next year.  This underpass should also be able to handle the other aquatic wildlife that are common to these wetland areas.
Charlene Mayes and Caroline Lubbe-D’Arcy, Spokespersons, The Friends of the UNB Woodlot
Telephone: 1-506-447-3442 (Charlene)
Telephone: 1-506-454-1230 (Caroline)
Facebook: “I don’t want the UNB woodlot turned into Big-Box Strip Malls”
YouTube: search for “UNB Woodlot”
Telephone: 1-506-454-5119

Caroline Lubbe – D’Arcy
379 Northumberland Street
Fredericton, NB

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