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Letter to the Editor, The Daily Gleaner

Published Monday December 15th, 2008
Re: UNB woodlot development
At a time when climate change has finally been recognized as the world’s number one threat to survival, it is hard to understand how anyone can support plans to develop UNB’s woodlot.
We need those trees. We need those wetlands and watersheds.
Without them, we will face further climate change, further soil erosion, further flooding.
We’ve been told to plant trees by the City of Fredericton’s Green Matters campaign.
Meanwhile, Fredericton clear cuts conservation forests.
UNB has started a new environmental studies program.
Meanwhile, they are falling over themselves trying to convert conservation wetlands into retail development. Enough hypocrisy.
The proposed Costco development will first require a rezoning of conservation land to development land.
City council must not approve such a rezoning.
Not only is it environmentally irresponsible, such a vote will also kill what is unique to this city.
All this big box development is ultimately diluting the special character of Fredericton.
Do we really want to become another Moncton, or do we want to retain the unique beauty of a historical city?
Is shopping so much more important to us than the natural beauty surrounding our city? Are we ready to face a dead downtown core?
Fredericton has so much. Let’s not kill it for the sake of shopping.
Taeyon Kim

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