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The Daily Gleaner, Published Friday December 26th, 2008

Re: Story published Dec. 11 called Costco variances approved

I am absolutely sickened by the news regarding the building of a Costco store on the University of New Brunswick Woodlot.

What a sad and pathetic sight it is to now see paved roads, parking lots, and greedy consumerism taking over one of the most beautiful, peaceful and natural areas in this city.

As for the argument that development is taking place on only a small portion of the woodlot, the destruction of any part of a supposedly protected area cannot be justified. If our protected areas can be so easily modified to suit the needs of those in power, how can we have any trust in those who are meant to be protecting these areas?

To those Fredericton shoppers who have been clamouring to have Costco set up, I suggest you make the effort to spend some time in the remaining woodlot where you will undoubtedly see how fortunate we are to have a true forest within our city.

If instead you choose to keep on clamouring for Costco, I hope you enjoy your wholesale super packs of chewing gum.

Jill Seymour

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