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Office of the City Clerk
City Hall
P.O. Box 130
397 Queen Street
Fredericton, N.B.
E3B 4Y7

January 28, 2009

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing today to express my outrage at the continued development in the UNB woodlot. I wish to state my opposition to the proposed bylaw that would redesignate UNB endowment conservation land to endowment development land, and then to do another rezoning to allow its development for a wholesale, bulk shopping store. Previous development of critical forested wetlands, bogs, and swamps on the UNB woodlot into shops and parking lots is a travesty, and I vehemently oppose any further such development.

The forests and wetlands located in the UNB woodlot and on other properties near Knowledge Park Drive and Regent Street provide ecosystem goods and services to the residents of Fredericton, and at no cost. These services include erosion control and sediment retention, recreation, food production, air regulation (including cleaning and filtering), climate regulation, water supply, and soil formation. To replace these functions with other man-made structures after failing to protect a perfect natural (and free) design would be unimaginably costly.

These developments indicate a greedy propensity to mortgage our future environmental services and wildlife habitats in favour of yet another box store and acres of pavement. It is irresponsible and I urge Fredericton City Councillors to oppose this bylaw.


Megan de Graaf, MScF
Forest and Watersheds Project Coordinator
Conservation Council of New Brunswick

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Store’s location on wetland controversial
Heather McLaughlin, The Daily Gleaner, Published Friday February 13th, 2009
It wasn’t Costco go home, but it was Costco go somewhere other than the University of New Brunswick woodlot.

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CBC News

January 29, 2009

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